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Top Dollar

We all want top dollar when we sell the homes we have invested so much in over the years. Many sellers think that top dollar is the result of setting a high asking price and sticking to it, even if it takes months. Surprisingly, the longer a home is on the market, the less likely it is to bring top dollar. The 1st two weeks your home is on the market are the most opportune to fetch top dollar. The secret is not endurance, it is preparation. As a full service agent, let me show you what I do to prepare a home for a successful sale.

Competitive Market Analysis

Before listing any home I create a thorough analysis of all recently sold properties in your area. Upgrades, features, and lot differences are factored into arriving at a competitive price for your home. If your home is priced right you have greatly increased your chance of getting top dollar and selling it quickly, which makes for a stress free transaction.


I start with a home inspection which will identify anything that needs fixing so it can be done at a convenient time and usually for far less money than if it were found in the buyer’s inspection. Then I usually recommend the seller provide a home warranty which will put the buyers at ease and convey a sense of quality. Next I bring in my professional stager (at my cost) to make your home show the best it possibly can. The stager is visually enhancing your home’s best qualities and creating a “neutral palette” that potential buyers can project their lives upon. If done correctly, they can literally “see themselves living in your home,” which changes a “potential buyer” to buyer that is committed to purchase your home

Multilevel Market Plan

I develop a marketing plan for your home that typically includes professional photographs, internet virtual tours, pre-market tours for other agents, contact with other agents/clients to potentially find a buyer before your home even goes on the market, open houses, brochures, and postcard mailings. Finally, your home goes live on the MLS and Realtor.Com/Trullia/Zillow as well as exposure on social media.

Additional Information

The articles below will give you more information and insight if you would like to do additional reading. I sincerely hope that I have an opportunity to talk with you about selling your home and run a free Competitive Market Analysis for you. Please contact me if I can help in any way!

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